It’s Time to Start Minding Your Mental Health

Here is a list of courses that I have made if you are interested in one you can click the learn more button the get more info

Assertiveness Course

Do you find it difficult to stand up for yourself in situations where you are being treated poorly or taken for granted? This weekend course will enhance your life-skills and will lead to an overall better quality of life for you.

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Mental Fitness Course For Teachers

This course provides essential knowledge and tools in the areas of communication, anger management, emotional regulation, mindfulness and coping skills. Participants will learn to integrate mental health into many subjects such as P.E., art and drama.

Rest And Reset Course

How often do you “power through” your daily activities,schedule yourself into cycles of busyness& deplete your energy in places that have no real connection for you?How often do you over-ride your truthwith a more “socially acceptable” answer or behaviour?How much are you suppressing who you truly are?