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Parenting a bereaved teenager

Teenagers are moving between childhood and adulthood and dealing with all the changes that this brings. It can be a period of fun and excitement but also confusion, anxiety and difficulty. Bereavement at this time can compound and exasperate existing negative emotions or coping styles. It can be difficult for […]

Living with the death of a child

‘Life changes fast. Life changes in the instant. You sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends.’ (Joan Didion)   The time after a death is often called the mourning period, and people are said to be in mourning or to be grieving or bereaved. Regardless of […]

Supporting a friend through grief

Have you ever regretted not being more helpful and supportive to a friend who is grieving? If your answer is Yes to this question you are not alone. Bearing witness to a friend’s grief can leave a person anxious, tongue tied, upset and uncomfortable. It is common following a death […]