Professional counselling services in Co. Mayo
Professional counselling services in Co. Mayo

What to expect

My aim is to make the transition into counselling as comfortable and convenient as possible for new clients. With that in mind, I provide an initial consultation.

This is a once off appointment in which you will get a chance to meet me, ask any questions, explain your reason for considering counselling at this time and decide if you want to set up a counselling appointment with me.

During this initial consultation I will ask you general questions about the presenting problem, any recent events that may be contributing to your emotional distress, your current support system, and any current or prior efforts to self-help.

You will leave the initial consultation with a general understanding of my approach to treatment and a sense that we are collaborating to help you to relieve the psychological distress you are experiencing.

The initial consultation will last for 45 minutes. It costs 40€. Waiting time for this appointment is generally between 1-2 weeks. I offer day time appointments.

The first step is to call me on 0851372528. If I am unable to answer at that time I will return your call within 24 hours.

We will arrange the initial consultation on a day and time that is convenient for you. On the day of the appointment please arrive 5-10 minutes early. An intake form is available in the waiting area for you to read and fill in. For details on parking and how to find my office click here.

If you are unable to make the arranged appointment time, please call the day before to cancel or rearrange another appointment.

During the initial consultation we will discuss the options of short or long term counselling. How long you want to stay in counselling is up to you. Some people will prefer a short term approach which can focus on an immediate crisis or particular goal. Others may prefer to take more time, and opt for a long term approach, where you can explore the underlying causes of psychological and emotional issues.

During this initial session we will discuss how much any ongoing sessions will cost. Normal cost per session is 50€ but I do offer a sliding scale of fees, which means we will set an amount that is manageable to you.

It is possible to request a second initial consultation to determine if counselling is the right option for you at this time.

If after the initial consultation you decide to continue into counselling, regular counselling sessions are typically weekly, even though more or less sessions can be considered, and are one hour in length for adults and 50 minutes for adolescents. Adolescents will need to be accompanied by one or both parents for the initial consultation.